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Today, I feel so creative! Yesterday, I create a flowers crown, and I wear it. I love the look! I feel good, I feel positive. I think that this year would be great!

Yeah, a flower crown makes me very inspiring!

I discover something : the books of Keri Smith.

I want :

-wreck this journal

-everything is connected


-finish this book

-this is not a book

-how to be an explorer of the world

-boyology 101 (I’m not sure but I will check in store if I like it!)

People say that with these books, it help to increase creativity. I want to develop talents, learn to draw, make cool things, cool journals, fill up with what is in my mind.




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I think about death too often. Sometimes, i think about killing myself. But I’m afraid of death, I’m afraid cause of pain… I have feel too much pain in my 17 years living, because of me, because of my family, because of life.

I read about a thing (yah I read a lot..). When you’re sick Inside, your body and your immune wil be affected and sick too. I try to be happy all the time, I swear. But sadness is in my head like all the time, sadness is in my heart.

And now I just insert in article. When I wrote this, some links appear in the bottom and this article explain everything, explain a lot about death and afterlife.

Here is an extract : We will die because of the influence of the world and we will reach the lowest of the lows. We will then be reborn as something or someone who was better than we were beforehand. The death and resurrection of Jesus was not a physical event, but a metaphorical event of how our lives will change as we change to become more “god-like” in our deeds, actions, words, and thoughts.

New Year


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I don’t know if I’m gonna write only in English cause I have to traduce every single word in my head and it’s more complicated for me. Not a second nature, you know? And nobody will read my blog so… 

Ì just start thinking about the new year… 2014! This year, I want to realize some of my dreams! Adventures, travelling, fun… Some stuff like that.

I want to share a thing with you. A thing that I read today. Here it is :

Tomorrow will be the first white page of your book of 365 pages. Write a dawn good book.

I will write, if I can, if I have the time, if I remember, everyday. I will take the time. I will change. I will stop being depressed. I will stop being afraid. I will be myself, a better me. I will be confident, strong, beautiful! I will believe in myself, in my capacity for doing some things that i believe I can’t. I’m positive, I think and I will do all I can to make 2014 much better and amazing! 🙂

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


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I want to keep myself inspired. I want to change myself because I hate me so much now. I want to speak more English because I’m a french girl. I live in Canada and I hate that. I feel so wrong here. I’m not at home. I prefer USA much better! You don’t even know how much… I hate my life. Original? Not. I didn’t mean my parents, my friends, my sister, or anything like that. Just the fact that I do nothing, I am nothing, I just want to die.

Yeah… For my first post, it’s really intense! Sorry, but I think I’m not the only one. I hope so. I feel so american, not canadian. I think that English sound better, the weather too, the place, the cities, the people…

Soon, I just pick my bag and go home. Where I am already good, happy and healthy. But this feeling is just in my mind… For now.